SUMMARY - Calendar manager

From: John Hammersmith CSIRO/Flinders JRC (
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 19:26:02 CST

Thanks to the many who replied to this question and solved my problem:


I recently installed on SunOS 4.1.3U1 on an IPX which previously had
The IP address was changed at the same but the name stayed the same.

After the upgrade I reinstated a backed up calendar file:
callog.username and the backup .calback.username to /var/spool/calendar.

The permissions and owners are the same form as all other calendar
However, none of the appointments show up when I use cm anymore for this
although I can enter new ones.

Any suggestions as to what may be wrong?


The unanimous answer, as stated here by chuck malmsten, was:

"you have to stop and restart rpc.cmsd. It only reads the calendar file
at startup - it then caches all changes, logging them to the disk file."


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