ADDENDUM:SUMMARY: Why I can't mount on a nfs OS/2 server

Date: Wed Feb 16 1994 - 12:03:13 CST

>>Here was my question:
>>>I have an OS/2 nfs server, and it exports drives c:, d:, and e:.
>>>From a sun machine, I tried to mount to one of its drives, but failed.
>>>I use the command: # mount os2-server:e:/ /tmp
>>>I wanted to mount drive e: from os2-server onto /tmp, and I got this error:
>>>"mount: directory path must begin with '/'"
>>>Thanks for your help.
>># mount os2-server:e:/ /mnt

>Huh? Other than the mount point (which shouldn't matter), what's the

Barry Margolin had a confounding question as to why does 
the mount point matter?
Actually, my original delivered message contained a typo error in
"# mount os2-server:e:/ /tmp". It should have been " mount os2-server:e:/ ./tmp"

Thanks Barry.

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