SUMMARY: looking for UNIX accounting software

From: Hao Wang (
Date: Fri Feb 04 1994 - 08:45:11 CST

I posted following for my colleague couple days ago.

> Hello,
> We are searching for information and/or source code for unix account admin.
> We are specifically interested in anything which can aid gathering the
> following type of information in either binary or ascii:
> ===== =============== ======= ========== ========= ==========
> 20022 tangate250 92% 0401ca 6:32 7:15
> We know of PerfRX form HP, ProbeX, and the regular unix acct. These are not
> yet available across HP/Sun/solbourne/apollo... (except acct).
> Thanks for all the help in advance.
> --Hao

I got following reply from Gary Burton. And it is what my colleague was
looking for. Many thanks to Gary.

>We are implementing a product called ARSAP from a
>company called GEJAC. This product gives you the
>ability to take all of your standard accounting and
>wtmp files from RS6000,apollo,sun,hp,sgi, and VAX
>and role them into one format so you can do
>different reports. THe product also gives you the
>ability to do chargeback on your systems.
>how the product works:
>1) You run standard accounting on your machines
>2) ARSAP supplies binaries that you run once a night,
> once a week, or what ever period you want.
>3) The binaries take the data and puts it into a standard
> form
>4) Then you send this data to the server that will merge
> all of the formated data from each machine.
>5) Once it is merged you can do serveral reports such as
> cpu usage per node
> cpu usage per users
> which applications are being used by which user
> which applications are the big cpu hitters
> which applications are the big I/O hitters
> etc......
> Please contact me by e-mail or phone for additional info.
> Gary Burton
> e-mail:
> phone#: 215-591-4750


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