SUMMARY: Loading 720k Xenix diskettes

From: Xavier Salvador (
Date: Fri Feb 04 1994 - 21:38:50 CST

Original message:

        in a Sparc Station 2, using 4.1.2, I'm trying to load files that was stored
in a 720k diskette using tar command from a Xenix machine. I'm reading the man
pages about tar but I can't find anything that can help me.

Is it possible ?

To see the files: tar -tvf /dev/rfd0

To load the files: dd if=/dev/rfd0 of=filename bs=9k conv=noerror

Many thanks to:

Sean Ward
steve letter
Richard J. Niziak
Glenn Satchell
Pat Cain
Dan Zegarac
Danny Johnson
Faisal Waheed waheed@symbol.COM

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