SUMMARY: Sun 4/280 woe

From: Roger H. Kou (
Date: Fri Feb 04 1994 - 04:52:54 CST


My original post was long, so I will just sum it
up here.

After the earthquake, our Sun 4/280 server started to
have problem. The cpu appear to keep "turn itself off"
at random; i.e., the fan and hard drives would be going,
but the cpu LED would have no lights dancing on it.
And that happens during the diag, after I login, just
at random.

Anyway, at first I just reseated everything, checked
everything(connector, pins, memory chips, etc...),
thinking that the problem might be with either the
memory boards or the MMU. Put different combination of
the memory boards in the VME box. And still get the
same result.

So power supply was suspected, so that was tested.
And it is indeed, at least for now, the problem.
It appears that 5 volt is added or substracted at
random. So I guess the power surge killed the power

Thanks to everyone who have helped! I hope I didn't miss
anyone below. And btw: Fons is right on the money about
the problem. thanks. (I hope I got everyone's name right.
I am sorry if I don't.)

Fons Ullings, VU Amsterdam
Walter Fergusson
Pete Zaitcev
John DiMarco
Eirik Fuller
Dan Schmitt
Cris Rhea
Linn Stanton
Perry Hutchison
David Reisner
Alex Dumitru
David Tomomatsu
Tom Fisher
And of course Paul Hardy



PS: does anyone know how much a power supply go for
nowadays? And where should I get them? Also, any
quick fixes? thanks.

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