SUMMARY: NewsPrint error message

From: Ahmed Bentiba (
Date: Wed Feb 02 1994 - 00:35:58 CST

My original message was:
Hi Sun managers
We have a Sparcprinter, our OS is Sun OS 4.1.3, and we use Newsprint 2.1.
When we send something to the printer, we get a 2nd banner page with the
following messages:

Print Messages page 1 of 1
Helvetica-Bold not licensed, using Courier
Helvetica not licensed, using courier
Palatino-Bold not licensed, using Courier
Before I reinstall NewsPrint on the same machine, I never got these messages.
Do you have any idea of the origin of that problem?
I will summarize.

Ahmed Bentiba
Departement de Mathematique
Universite de MOncton
Moncton, NB
Thank you for your quick answers. From USA, Canada, England, Sweden, Norway,
Brazil, Australia, more than 40 messages!
I reinstalled the fonts license (script fp_install) and everything is OK
Once again Thanks to everyone of you.
Sorry the list is too long to write the name and the e-mail of all answerers.

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