SUMMARY:Playing music CD's

From: Dirk Jonckers (
Date: Tue Feb 01 1994 - 11:06:21 CST

Hi Managers,

Overwhelming response allwright !! Thanks to everyone who responded.
I'am actually enjoying *workman* as I write this :-)

My original Q:

>Subject: Playing music CD's
>Hi Managers,
>I'm looking for a PD-software that will enable me to play my music CD's
>on my SUNCD while I'm *working* :-).
>I know of the existence of xcdplayer, but does that work under Solaris2.3?
>(I haven't found it in solaris-sw-list.txt from Ric Steinberger).
>Thanks in advance, I will summarize.
>DJ (

WorkMan from Steven Grimm wins. It compiles without problems under
Solaris 2.3 for me using gcc.

It even works with vold. It's GREAT !

You'll find the latest version on

Some person pointed out that this posting wasn't appropriate for this
mailing list? Sorry if I offended anyone :-(
(I've read the sun-managers charter again in the meantime).

Gracie a tutti,


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