SUMMARY: Adding dial-in slip

From: Rob Weltman (
Date: Mon Jan 31 1994 - 20:58:34 CST

I asked:

>|> I would like to allow dial-in slip to a 4/330 running 4.1.3. I have
>|> installed a slip patch from netcom (contains tty_slip.c) and rebuilt the
>|> kernel, but netcom says they have only used this for dial-out, not dial-in.
>|> What do I need to do?

I received one reply, suggesting MorningStar PPP (which also does slip).
Since I really only needed slip, and didn't have extravagant requirements, I
ended up ftp'ing cslip 2.7 from The instructions for patching
the kernel and setting up the login environment were very clear and I had
the whole thing up and running in four hours, even though I am not really a
sys admin. One thing I didn't get to work was compressed slip from PC
(Trumpet WinSock tcp/ip) to SUN; there may be some protocol difference, or
some configuration switch I missed. The regular slip from PC to SUN worked
fine. Hats off to the implementors!


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