SUMMARY: Pixrect to GIF (or similar)

From: Steve Simmons (
Date: Sat Jan 29 1994 - 19:32:38 CST

The overwhelming suggestion was to use pbmplus, a portable bitmap
manipulator. Ted Nolan was kind enough to point out that it's available
for anon ftp from in /pub/X11/contrib/pbmplus10dec91.tar.Z.
Other suggestions include fbm, xv, Image Alchemy, Image Magic, and a
raft of other things. Gene Rackow forwarded a file from the netpbm
distribution which practically stands alone as a summary. One other
suggestion, Image Alchemy, is included below the file Gene forwarded.

Thanks to the many who answered:

John Strupp <>
Trevor Kirby <>
(via RadioMail) <> (Andrew Scherpbier)
Gene Rackow <>
Nate Mann AP35-1008 x4774 <>
Piete Brooks <>
Stefan Mochnacki <>
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <> (Alan Piszcz) (Lee Coltrane) (Andy Feldt) (Mark Costello)
mgo@flipper.uucp (Mark G. Owens) (Pete Welcher) (Karl-Jose Filler) (Pierre Martini)


From: Gene Rackow <>

>I'm not sure about the specifics on pixrect files. Here is the OTHER.SYSTEMS
>file from the netpbm distribution. It has a couple of sun-specific systems
>in it. Maybe they handle pixrexct files.
> List of Other Free Image-Processing Software
> IM Raster Toolkit, by Alan Paeth (
> Provides a portable and efficient format and related toolkit. The
> format is versatile in supporting pixels of arbitrary channels,
> components, and bit precisions while allowing compression and machine
> byte-order independence. The kit contains more than 50 tools with
> extensive support of image manipulation, digital halftoning and format
> conversion. Previously distributed on tape c/o the University of
> Waterloo, an FTP version will appear someday.
> Utah RLE Toolkit. Conversion and manipulation package, similar to
> PBMPLUS. Available via FTP as and
> Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation, by Michael Mauldin <>.
> Conversion and manipulation package, similar to PBMPLUS. Version 1.0
> available via FTP as,
>, and
> Img Software Set, by Paul Raveling <>. Reads and
> writes its own image format, displays on an X11 screen, and does some
> image manipulations. Version 1.3 is available via FTP as
>, and
> along with a large collection of color
> images.
> Xim, by Philip R. Thompson. Reads and writes its own image format,
> displays on an X11 screen, and does some image manipulations.
> Available in your nearest X11R4 source tree as contrib/clients/xim.
> A more recent version is available via ftp from It uses
> x11r4 and the OSF/Motif toolkit to provide basic interactive image
> manipulation and reads/writes GIF, xwd, xbm, tiff, rle, xim, and other
> formats.
> xloadimage, by Jim Frost <>. Reads in images in various
> formats and displays them on an X11 screen. Available via FTP as
>*, and in your nearest comp.sources.x
> archive.
> TIFF Software, by Sam Leffler <>. Nice
> portable library for reading and writing TIFF files, plus a few tools
> for manipulating them and reading other formats. Available via FTP as
>*.tar.Z or
> ALV, a Sun-specific image toolkit. Version 2.0.6 posted to
> comp.sources.sun on 11dec89. Also available via email to
> popi, an image manipulation language. Version 2.1 posted to
> comp.sources.misc on 12dec89.
> ImageMagick, an X11 package for display and interactive manipulation
> of images. Uses its own format (MIFF), and includes some converters.
> Available via FTP as
> Khoros, a huge (~100 meg) graphical development environment based on
> X11R4. Khoros components include a visual programming language, code
> generators for extending the visual language and adding new application
> packages to the system, an interactive user interface editor, an
> interactive image display package, an extensive library of image and
> signal processing routines, and 2D/3D plotting packages. Available via
> FTP as*.
> LaboImage, a SunView-based image processing and analysis package. It
> includes more than 200 image manipulation, processing and measurement
> routines, on-line help, plus tools such as an image editor, a color
> table editor and several biomedical utilities. Available via anonymous
> FTP as
> The San Diego Supercomputer Center Image Tools, software tools for
> reading, writing, and manipulating raster images. Binaries for some
> machines available via anonymous FTP in

From: Nate Mann AP35-1008 x4774 <>

>You might call Handmade Software Inc. - they make "Image Alchemy" for SUN, PC,
>etc. We've found it quite useful for image conversions among the ~50 or so
>they support. And they have ALWAYS been easy to work with and affordable!
> (510) 252-0101 Las Gatos, Ca.

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