SUMMARY: NetBIOS and PC-NFS Problems

From: David Burwell (
Date: Fri Jan 28 1994 - 13:09:22 CST

Original Problem:

> I have a problem with getting NetBIOS to work on a DOS PC with PC-NFS 5.0.
> Is there anybody out there using the NB.EXE with PC-NFS successfully? Drop me a line on how you are doing it; what to look out for, etc. Anything would be appreciated.
> The Problem is when I run NB.EXE (included with PC-NFS 5.0), the PC will "lock up" when an RSH to a server is preformed.
> I called Sun Service, they could not answer the question and sent the question to "The Escalation Group". I don't know what that group is because they never called back or returned any of my phone calls. Maybe they "Escalated" my problem into the parking lot.
>SETUP: SS2 as a server running the PCNFSD that came with PC-NFS 5, the server is running SunOS 4.1.3 without any patches. There are 3 "subnets", that is 3 Ethernet interfaces on the SS2, each with a different subnet address. Everything has been running quietly and very smoothly for many many months. I have about 110-120 DOS based PC running PC-NFS 4.0 & 5.0, all running DOS 5.0. They are more or less spread out across the subnets. The memory manager is QEMM 6.02, there is some loadhi going on, and occasio
nally Stealth is being used.
>PROBLEM: I run RTM then NB. The PC will act "normal" (for a DOS machine) until an RSH is attempted to a server. The machine will then lock up solid. If I run RTM then NB, and go into Windows 3.1, and try an RSH, then that Windows session is completely corrupt, at the very least I will have to exit Windows, sometime I will have to reboot the machine. I have tried this on 3 different machines, they will all fail in a similar fashone. They are various configuration, one has a mem manager, but no loadhi; to a
 machine that has Stealth and lots of loadhi.
>I want NB to work because we have a Windows application that supports multi user databases, but needs to communicate through NetBIOS calls. I also have a UNIX Mail front end from Cinetic that does RSH into the server to send mail. Am I unreasonable to expect both to work?
>Is there hope? Is there an alternitive? Is the life after DOS?

  The answer is: Is There Hope - NO
                 Alternatives - OS2, Windows for Workgroups.
                 Life After DOS - No.
  Sun finailly called back 2 days ago to say that they still had this as an open issue, but don't hold your breath waiting for a solution.

  Some people suggested trying various RTM settings, none of them helped. There was one that was just a flame on Sun Support.
  There was a couple that suggested changing to Windows for Work Groups (not an option), and one that suggested changing to IBM OS2 (Also not an option).

  There were a couple that said "Yeah, me too".

  Oh well. I guess there is nobody on this list that is really using PC-NFS with the NetBIOS support in Windows 3.1. And if that is the case, then I guess that Sun Support doesn't feel it is being used by enough people to support it.

Thanks to those that offered some suggestions, and to those that said "Send Info", Good Luck.

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