SUMMARY : Re: NFS mount of /home under 2.3

From: Andrew Scarman (
Date: Sun Jan 30 1994 - 07:25:40 CST

Thanks to following people for their responses which are included below.
The solution I ended up taking was that of renaming the /etc/auto_master file so the automounter does not automount /home...
Other responses are as follows: writes

Did you remember to take /home out of the automounter master file
/etc/auto_master ?
Gary White <> writes
A work around may be to put the mount command in a file in /etc/rc3.d directory
to be completed after all the other initialization files. Name it somthing like
S25mounthome. I'm sure your familiar with these files but if not I can offer
more info.
----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Syd Weinstein) writes

2.3 turns on the automounter for /home. Perhaps you need to disable
that entry or the entire automounter in the startup scripts in 2.3.
we did.
--------------------------------------------------------------------- (Han Tunca) writes

I had the same problem on a test system that I'm setting up. One of the local
rc dirs in /etc contains a little program that starts up automounter. When
I commented that out (actually moved the file from SXXxxx to .SXXxxx) the
problem went away.

Mateen Fikree <> writes
        Check to see whether the automounter is running. By default
the automounter gets started up under Solaris 2.x. The automounter
will by default be trying to mount /export/home onto /home, hence you
have to do the overlay mount. Under 2.3 the automounter is started
from the script located in /etc/init.d and is called autofs. I would
comment out the part that starts the automounter and reboot the
machine and it should work fine.
------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Eckhard Rueggeberg) writes

Sorry, but why on earth do you want to overlay mount an existing partition
at boot time ??? This shows you don't need the existing partition at all,
so you don't have to mount it in the first place !

I'd always automount /home, even if you use it all the time, and with 2.3,
I'd use a cachefs,backfs=nfs mount.
 Casper Dik <> writes

It's the automounter that gets in the way.

Remove /etc/rc2.d/S73autofs and reboot. (This will prevent
the automounter from getting started.)


Once again thanks to all that responded..

Kind Regards
Andrew Scarman

> >Another problem Sun has not being able to help me with as yet.
> >
> >Since upgrading my SC2000 to Solaris 2.3 from 2.2 I no longer cannot NFS mount my /home partition
> from my 690 server running 4.1.3.All worked fine under 2.2 with an entry in the vfstab file.
> >But under 2.3 it fails to mount.I can mount it after the system has come up with the following com
> mand
> >#mount -O gaea:/home /home
> >
> >the -O option is to allow an overlay mount mount of an existing partition.The problem is that I ca
> nnot find an equivalant option to put in the /etc/vfstab file so it mount this file system at boot
> time.

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