SUMMARY: resolutions supported by LX?

From: Gil Tene (devil@spud.Hyperion.COM)
Date: Thu Feb 03 1994 - 22:27:57 CST


A week ago I posted a question, asking what resolutions an LX
can support with the extra VRAM option. I was specifically
interested in the 1600x1280 resolution.

I had received a few helpful answers, and along with some
personal research came up with the following:

The LX can support 1600x1280 at 76 Hz, and ONLY at 76 Hz. This
means that the monitor would have to be able to sync on 102KHz
Horizontal refresh rates. Very few monitors can do this. In fact,
I have only found ONE color monitor on the market that would do
this, and provide a good enough dot pitch and screen area to
display 1600x1280 acceptably. It's the NOKIA Multigraph 445X.
It is 21", with 0.26mm dot-pitch.

I am writing this on an LX, running 1600x1280 on a NOKIA 445X
monitor. Looks great, and the screen "real estate" is amazing.

-- Gil.
-- Gil Tene "Some days it just doesn't pay -
-- to go to sleep in the morning." -
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