Re: Dead Sun 3/60, supply for parts? (summary)

From: Tommi Saarinen (
Date: Wed Feb 02 1994 - 09:56:00 CST

Original problem:

> And now to another dead 3/60:

> This one has no frame buffer, no keyboard, uses ttya as console. When
> we connect a terminal and turn power on, terminal displays just some
> garbage similar to line noise on poor modem lines. In diag mode
> various self test messages are displayed ok and self test passes but
> after that garbage begins again. Any ideas what might be wrong? We
> have double checked serial cable and terminal settings (shouldn't it
> be 9600, 8N1?).


Tried different speeds until found the right one (baud rate was set in
EEPROM to 38400), booted and changed it back to 9600. Apparently diag
mode forces speed to 9600 and after that it is reset to EEPROM value.

Thanks to all who replied and suggested this.

--Tommi Saarinen

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