SUMMARY: YP groups seem to be getting messed up, any ideas?

From: Fred Thompson {73774} (
Date: Wed Feb 02 1994 - 12:09:32 CST

The original question was:

>>We have a few Suns on a network made up mostly of Decstations. Our group
>>file is distributed by YP. We have found that some users are missing groups
>>on the Sun, or are in wrong groups (ex: if they do "groups" on the
>>they are in the correct groups (ie: sys daemon develop buildtool adm) , if
>>do "groups" on the Sun, they might be missing groups
>>(ie: sys daemon buildtool adm) or in wrong groups
>>(ie: sys daemon develop ws_managers adm)

The Answer (from Barry Margolin):
>It sounds like the problem is with the netid map, which is the inverse of
>the group map (the group map lists all the members of each group, the netid
>map lists all the groups of each user). Sun's initgroups(3) function uses
>netid to speed it up; Ultrix just searches the group map.

That was what the problem was, we had made the netid map a couple of years ago,
but as the Decstations never used it, we had never needed to remake it. So as
people left and new people got their uid #'ers, they got the old groups the
user had. So we remade the netid map and added it to the depend line for
passwd and group and now it's all working.

Thanks for the help.

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