Re: SUMMARY: brute force tape reading

From: Thanh Ma (
Date: Thu Jan 27 1994 - 07:40:34 CST

I have a related question: the scsi tape driver on ESIX SVR4.0.4 gives an
error message when it tries to read an 150Mb tape from a 525 MB tape drive:

WARMNING: ST01: Incorrect block length. Requested 20480, Actual: 512.

And then quit processing further.
The problem is that we dont now in advance what block size the tape was
written so that we can pass it in to tar or cpio (the driver and/or the tape
drive is dump enough to know what to do next when it found an error). I
just wonder if there is a way to determine the block size on the tape and
use it as argument to tar and/or cpio.

Thanks for any helps,

Thanh Ma

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