re: Cached file system -- summary and /usr [second attempt]

From: Philip Ross (
Date: Wed Jan 26 1994 - 02:58:07 CST

There was a nice summary describing the use of cachefs under Solaris 2.3
from (John Caywood) on 20th Jan on this newsgroup.

One of the things stated in the message was that the cachefs cannot be used
for /usr. This is NOT true (even if Sun say it cannot be done it seems to
work just fine). I agree it doesn't work during startup but any time after
the system has booted a command such as the following overlay mounts /usr
(eg. from a script in /etc/rc3.d)

mount -O -F cachefs -o ro,backfstype=nfs,cachedir=/export/cache/cache1 hyacinthus:/export/exec/Solaris_2.3_sparc.all/usr /usr

The important option seems to be -O so that it can hide the /usr mount
point used during booting.

Is there some reason why I shouldn't do this that will make me regret it?
It certainly eliminates the NFS READs leaving just the GETATTRs quite
nicely (once the cache has run for a bit).

any comments?

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