SUMMARY: SVGA monitors on IPX?

From: Steve Simmons (
Date: Mon Jan 24 1994 - 07:44:45 CST

I wrote:

> Has anyone had any experience putting SVGA monitors onto an IPX? We have
> one with a dead monitor, and would rather get something we can use in
> multiple environments. There are rumors that the Nanao will work, but
> we don't want to have to find out the hard way.

There were five responses. Some success was reported with a no-longer-in
manufacture NEC MultiSync 5D. Another person reported luck with a EIZO
Flexscan F550i-MW, which appears to be an alternate name for a Nanao. One
person reported second-hand knowledge of the Nanao. Details follow as are
appropriate. Many thanks to: (Andrew Scherpbier)
Arie Bikker <> (Thierry FOUQUERAY)
Martin <>
jason andrade <>

Scherpbier and Martin both reported using the NEC MultiSync 5D on
a Sun with GX boards. Unfortunately this monitor is no longer being

Arie Bikker reports:

> I had an NEC Multisync 5FG (not 5FGE mind you!!) connected to an IPX.
> You would need a cable to convert from the Sun's video port to BNC, but
> it works fine and is not very expensive.

Thierry FOUQUERAY ( reports:

> The EIZO Flexscan F550i-MW is a 17" color monitor which works fine on a
> SPARC LX, with 5 configurable BNC input connectors: R+G+B+H.sync+V.sync
> or R+G+B+H/V.sync or R+G+B with composite sync on green. You just have
> to buy the good cable between the SPARC and the monitor.

jason r andrade reports:

> Byte or Unixworld had an article on how to build your own sparc10
> clone for a 50% of the cost of a new one. The monitor used on there
> was a Nanao (/Eizo?) something.. which just needed a funky cable etc
> which you can get.. perhaps you need to just ask nanao if they'll
> sell you the monitor and the cable...

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