From: Jochen Bern (bern@kleopatra.Uni-Trier.DE)
Date: Wed Jan 26 1994 - 02:30:41 CST

I've been asked to send a Summary, so here goes. 5 Responses is nothing
one should rely on, but we'll check out SPARCworks with a Demo License
to make Things really sure ... But it seems that this isn't worth being
put on the Top-Priority List.

I asked:

> I'm in Need of Contacts to some SPARCworks Users (or People which want
> to say something against its Usage). We would like to evaluate its Worth
> for our Software Development. Further Details via Mail, to keep Bandwidth
> a little lower ...


1 "Can't find anything worth it"
1 "I'm not exactly fond of it"
2 "The basic Tools (namely C/C++ Compilers, Debugger, Analyzer)
         are good, forget about the Rest"
1 "Well the Ads are Ads, but it does the Job"

Fanatized Masses, where are you? ;-)

Interesting Annotations:

1) The Licence Stuff (flexlm) is prone to Trouble and annoying Startup Delays.
2) The Analyzer is not available (or not working?) for 4.x.
3) I've got a Hint that there soon will be a SunPro Announcement related to
   SPARCworks which might be of Interest to this Question.

Respondees: (Andrej Misik) (Oyvind Edvardsen) (Cecil Pang)
wpmc!conan! (Brian Spears) (Eckhard Rueggeberg)

Thanks again,
                                                                        J. Bern

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