SUMMARY: Solaris2.3, DNS, NIS+

From: Gary Riseborough (
Date: Wed Jan 26 1994 - 19:42:39 CST


Sorry for the (long) delay in sending out this summary ...
I have been somewhat busy upgrading my machines, recompiling
CAP and the News Software etc. etc. etc. (You all know what it's

Original Question asked when setting up a machine with Solaris 2.3
which is running as both a NIS+ root master server and a DNS server,
which should I set up first? DNS or NIS+?

The overwhelming majority of responses (FIVE to NOTHING) said to
set up NIS+ first. Get the local network working and then worry
about connecting to the rest of the world!

Thanks go to: (Steve_Kilbane)
Brian Decker <>
Christian Lawrence <>
chris@New.Paramax.COM (Chris Hines) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

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