SUMMARY: ie1 ethernet controller under Solaris 2.3 in a 4/330

From: Torsten Metzner (
Date: Mon Jan 24 1994 - 14:06:53 CST

Dear Sun-Managers,
a few days ago I described a problem concerning a 4/330 with an ie1
ethernet controller in a Multibus-to-VME adaptor, running Solaris 2.3.

The problem:

|I have some problems with an ie1 ethernet controller. The controller
|is in a Multibus-to-VME adaptor. The machine is a 4/330 .
|sysinfo gives me the following information:
| ie1 is a "Intel 82586 LAN Co-Processor" network interface
|And during the boot process under SunOS4.1.2 I get:
| Jan 17 10:48:36 gauss vmunix: ie1 at vme24d16 0xe88000 vec 0x75
|According to the manuals ( ie(7) ) this controller is not supported
|by Solaris 2.3.
| The Intel 82586 ethernet driver is a multithreaded, load-
| able, clonable, STREAMS hardware driver supporting the con-
| nectionless Data Link Provider Interface, dlpi(7), over
| Intel 82586 ethernet controller. Two device implementations
| are supported by this driver - the onboard (ie0) 82586 for
| those systems which include this chip on the motherboard and
| the 3/E VME Ethernet/SCSI card. The older Multibus I Ether-
| net card in a Multibus-to-VME adaptor is not supported.
| Multiple 82586 controllers installed within the system are
| supported by the driver. The ie driver provides basic sup-
| port for the 82586 hardware.
|Ok, I read this manual too late and I tried to install Solaris 2.3
|on the 4/330. Everything worked fine except the configuring of the
|second ethernet card ie1. The system don't recognized this interface.
|But we need a machine with a second ethernet card to install a new
|Solaris subnet for testing and the 4/330 is the only machine in our department
|that has a second interface which isn't used for other purposes.
|Now my question:
|Is it possible to use the ie1 Multibus I Ethernet card in
|a Multibus-to-VME adaptor under Solaris 2.3, or is the manual right ?

The "solution":

I got only two responses and both mentioned that I need a some hardware update.
Our Sun support in Germany tells us the same.
So it seems that there is really no software support for the mentioned
ethernet controller under Solaris 2.3, at this point the manuals tells you
the truth. (:-(

According to the respones I got, you have the following possibilities if
you will use the 4/330 with a second ethernet card.
But be careful, because I didn't test any of the following possibilities.

(1) SunExpress sells a VME-to-SBus adapter of some kind. You'd need that,
     and then a second Ethernet SBus card.

(2) There is a newer Sun3/E VME ethernet card (Sun part number 501-1584) that
    should be supported.
(3) You can upgrade the 4/330 to a SS10.

Thanx to,

Pat Cain <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

For those that are interested in the complete mails I received. Here we go:

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Looks like you're headed for a hardware purchase. I think SunExpress
sells a VME-to-SBus adapter of some kind. You'd need that, and then
a second Ethernet SBus card.

Another consideration is upgrading the 4/330 to an SS10. More fun,
but also more money...


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This card is a very old design having originally come out in the sun2's
many years ago. The performance of this card is not nearly as good as
the later cards. Your options are limited to purchasing the newer Sun3/E VME
ethernet card (Sun part number 501-1584). This is normally configured
as ie2.

Another option might be to put another sbus ethernet card in one of
your ss10/ss2's (for example). The sbus cards are much cheaper and
perform much better than any of the Intel ethernet cards.


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