SUMMARY: applications starting up iconified

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Tue Jan 25 1994 - 18:14:47 CST

Yesterday I asked:

> Recently I have noticed that all programs started up via the openwindows
> program menu are all starting up iconified.
> I don't know what caused this change (they used to come up as open).
> How do I force them back to starting up "open"?

I have had 2 types of answers

The correct one (in this case) was

> From: David Sansom <>
> check in you ~/.Xdefaults for :
> window.iconic: True
> if so, exit openwindows and edit out the line from .Xdefaults or change
> True to False.

Another possible solution, (but did not apply in this case)

> Check you .openwin-init file, look for the command line argument '-Wi', change
> to '+Wi'

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