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Date: Mon Jan 24 1994 - 03:23:26 CST

Many thanks to all the replies, Here are the original question and solution.

> Hi sun-gurus,
> I have a question about the mail tools running on OW 3.0.
> The mail tool is V3. How do I create a distribution list? Sometimes
> I need to sent a message to a list of people. I was painfull to sent them
> one by one. Please help. Thanx
> khoo

1) While in Mail Tool
   Select Edit -> Properties -> Alias and then define your alias.
   I've tried this, it work perfectly. I'm yet to try other method.

2) Look at the manpages:
        aliases, addresses, forward (5) - addresses and aliases for sendmail
        newaliases (8) - rebuild the data base for the mail aliases

3) I also get a script file to insert a front end to sendmail to pick up
   special addresses. Write to me personnally to get that.

4) You can define aliases in .mailrc (if you are using sendmail) or in
   /etc/aliases. See man sendmail.

Thanks a million for the reply (Juergen Peus)
homebase! (Steve Kapalko) (Dick St.Peters) (Sanford Whitehouse)

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