SUMMARY: AnswerBook under X11

From: Axel Eble (
Date: Thu Jan 20 1994 - 03:51:40 CST

Okay, I'll sum up the information I got.

My original question was, what and where the tool is to view the AnswerBook
under pure X11, not OpenWindows.

I got several answers and several hints to several solutions ;o)

1) ab - published in comp.sources.misc or some such group. It requires the
   xview toolkit. Haven't tried it yet for we don't seem to have the
   libraries at hand and I'm a little short of time right now. I'll do it
   sometime in the future. Credits to Derrick J. Brashear
   <> for that. btw, it's *NOT* on in /contrib.
   It's available at

2) xdocviewer - needs perl >= 4.0.19 and ghostscript >= 1.3 or gspreview >= 2.1.
   Works only on Solaris 2.[012], that is, only on Solaris with the X11/NeWS
   server, *not* with the Display PostScript server that Sun is shipping with
   release 2.3. I tried it but to no avail. Maybe if I find the time to hack
   Available at

Hope this helps.


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