SUMMARY : 10/40 to 10/402

From: Eckhard Rueggeberg (
Date: Sun Jan 23 1994 - 19:47:51 CST

Recently, I asked :

Will the 10/40 CPU modules delivered in a SS10/40LC work together, thus
forming a 10/402 ?

Many thanks to
   Larry Blom <lab@Access.COM>
   Russ Poffenberger <>
   Juergen Wagner <gandalf@CSLI.Stanford.EDU>
   Roger Graham <>

There are in fact two different 10/40 modules, one with the part number
501-2219, which doesn't run in multiprocessor mode, and 501-2358, which
does run in MP mode. Guess which ones we have .... ?

Yes, in this promotional SS10/40LC you get the old non-MP modules. With
two of them, the 10/402 won't boot at all, neither 4.1.3 nor 2.3, giving
memory faults or bad signal stacks at random times. I tried this out :-(

So if you plan to use 10/40 CPUs in a 10/402, be sure to get the newer,
MP capable ones. Or even better, get 10/41 CPUs if you can effort them.

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