SUMMARY: Mail readers for PC's

From: Waqar Malik (
Date: Sun Jan 23 1994 - 15:48:11 CST

Hello Everybody,
        Thanks to all of the people who responded. I got 23 responses
        the overwhelming response was for PC-Eudora. There are some
        shareware and freeware and Commercial products, as you will see
        with messages listed below.

        I will try to get these of the net over the weekend.

And one again thanks every body

Original message:

> I would like to find out if there are any Public Domian or Shareware
> Mail readers that would run on DOS boxes on top of PCNFS. I have
> Lifeline running but I am not happy with it. Will summrize.

End message:

uunet!!blymn Brett Lymn
uunet!!Larry_Chin Larry Chin
uunet!!kerry.duke Kerry Duke
uunet!!staal Rob Staal
uunet!!tony Lawson A S
uunet!!cseb Christian Sebek
uunet!!hightowr Dave Hightower
uunet!!Ian_MacPhedran Ian MacPhedran
uunet!!dbarron Danny Barron
uunet!!bchspd!bar Bret A. Robinson
uunet!hyperion.LANL.GOV!x092306 Jerry Weber
uunet!magma.COM!david David Fan
uunet!MITL.Research.Panasonic.COM!lemke Kennedy Lemke
uunet!!titan!gustavo Gustavo Vegas
uunet!!ricky Ricardo Marek
uunet!syd.dwt.CSIRO.AU!julian Julian Dryden
uunet!!hein Stefan Hein
uunet!!leon Leon Koll
uunet!!thomas Thomas Koetter Andrew Beckett
uunet!!ch Chad Hanna

From: uunet!!blymn (Brett Lymn)

There are a couple I know of. One is PCELM and the other is winelm, I
have tried both for a little while... nothing serious though. Both
require the pop3 daemon to be running on your mail server. PCelm
choked on my 600K mailbox, the poor PC ran out of memory, winelm
handled the large mailbox ok. Winelm does make the assumption that
you have your own _personal_ computer, it actually sucks the unix
mailbox dry and dumps it on the local PC disk (I was not pleased when I
discovered this being a workstation user, it makes sharing the mailbox

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, AWA Defence Industries
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>From uunet!!Larry_Chin Wed Jan 12 06:07:08 1994

Well there is Pmail, however you would have to have PCNFS run with a packet driver in order for the POP client to access your mail server. If you want the gory details drop me a note and I can fill you in in more detail.

Wed Jan 12 06:58:28 EST 1994 =========================================================================== Larry Chin {} CCH Canadian Ltd. System Administrator 6 Garamond Court Research and Development North York, Ontario. (416) 441-4001 ext. 349 M3C 1Z5 ===========================================================================

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>From uunet!!kerry.duke Wed Jan 12 06:07:10 1994

You should try the new version of mail from SUN it is called SelectMail it is much better than Lifeline.


Kerry Duke SPD Manager of Information Systems Internet: Kerry.Duke@Analog.Com Analog Devices Incorporated Voice: 617-461-3598 Norwood, MA 02062 FAX: 617-461-3010

>From uunet!!tony Wed Jan 12 06:07:15 1994


Tony Lawson Department of Computer science University of Essex Wivenhoe Park Essex C04 3SQ

Tel: 0206-872670 Fax: 0206-872788 E-mail:

>From uunet!!cseb Wed Jan 12 09:21:04 1994

I do not want BROSCHT anyhow, but here is something for you: We are currently testing it and it seems to fulfill our needs. We mount the mail partition from the suns and run cmm on it. ask archie about

-Christian ----------------------------- CUT HERE --------------------------------

Cinetic Mail Manager (CMM) V2.01 Mail reader/composer for Windows

What is Cinetic Mail Manager? -----------------------------

Cinetic Mail Manager (CMM) is a mail reader/composer that let you manage Internet mail under Windows. The main purpose of CMM is to let the user read, reply, forward and create messages. There are also other functions to simplify the reader's task. CMM is not a mail transport package or a UUCP system, it acts as a front end to such package. To send a mail message, CMM calls a third party mailer program that does the transport part of the mailing process.

Current directly supported systems are: - UUPC/extended by Drew Derbyshire. - FSUUCP by Fubar Systems. - PC-NFS from Sun Micro Systems Inc. - PC/TCP by FTP Software Inc. - Pathway by The Wollongong Group Inc.

Cinetic Mail Manger is fully configurable to support other systems.

Since CMM is fully configurable, you may use your PC as a multi-user mail system by creating as many users as you wish. See the User setup section for more information on multi-users.

Cinetic Mail mamager's ancestor is WinMail. WinMail is no longer supported and all users of WinMail 1.0 to 1.1a should now use Cinetic Mail Manager. See the special offer below for registered users of WinMail.

[some stuff deleted]

How to order: ------------- Cinetic Mail Manager is a shareware product. If you decide on using it, after a reasonable trial period (30 days), you are obligated to purchase a license for its use. A license for the use of CMM can be obtained by filling out the Registration form found in the Help file and by sending a check or money order to the amount of $30 US ($35 Cdn) to:

Cinetic Systems 4933 Verreau, Montreal, Quebec Canada, H1M 2C7

Compuserve: 71640,666

or with MC, Visa, Amex or Discover from the Public (software) Library by calling 1-800-2424-PSL or 1-713-524-6394 or by FAX to 1-713-524-6398 or by CIS Email to 71355,470. Ask for "Cinetic Mail Manager" or part number 10456. These numbers are for orders only. PsL will give you a registration code to unlock the program. Any questions about registration options, product details, technical support, volume discounts, dealer pricing, site licenses, etc, must be directed to Cinetic Systems (see addresses above). You can also mail credit card orders to PsL at P.O.Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235-5705.

There is a special offer for former users of WinMail. Send us $15 along with your name and WinMail registration code and we'll send you an CMM registration code. Please note that Public (software) Library won't take orders for this offer, it is only applicable to direct orders.

For more information about CMM, please refer to the Windows Help file provided with it.

----------------------------- CUT HERE --------------------------------

>From uunet!!hightowr Wed Jan 12 09:21:06 1994

Glad you asked!

PC-pine is by far the best public-domain mail package I've seen. it supports MIME-encoded messages, and has all those nifty bells and whistles that most people come to expect.

Dave ______________________________________________________________________________ Dave Hightower | opinion? I'm allowed to have an opinion? Systems Manager | well, if I DID have one, it'd be mine, all mine! Air Force Wargaming Center | "Dum vivimus, vivamus!" | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

>From uunet!!Ian_MacPhedran Wed Jan 12 09:21:13 1994

There is a version of ELM compiled for pcnfs - -------extract --------- Hi all, ELM for IBM-PC's is now available by anon-ftp from ( in /pub/elm-pc

The files in that directory are README Some basic info ELMPC.ZIP A zip file of the product PKUNZIP.EXE Un Zip utility also available 'off the net'.

PCNFSRUN.ZIP For people who dont have PCNFS ver 4 yet.

This is a port of ELM to msdos and uses PCNFS to supply the networking. ELMPC uses POP3 protocol to fetch mail from a mail server. POP3 on the mail server is done by popper (also available of the net). When ELMPC sends mail it uses SMTP to the mail server.

Feel free to send me your comments about the program.

Peter Churchyard. -------extract ---------

As well, PC-Eudora has been compiled for the winsock DLL, and can be used with PCNFS under Windows. I don't have the location at hand, but archie should be able to find it for you.

> Thanks > > Waqar Malik > -- > Everybody gets free BORSCHT!

Please send my free borscht to: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ian MacPhedran, Engineering Computer Centre, University of Saskatchewan. 2B13 Engineering Building, U. of S. Campus, Saskatoon, Sask., CANADA S7N 0W0 macphed@dvinci.USask.CA (306) 966-4832 Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.CA

>From uunet!!dbarron Wed Jan 12 12:08:19 1994

PCpine from I believe is excellent if you have at least 540 K or so free of lower memory. Esp for the Unix user who happens to be at a PC (allows remote UNIX folder access for saved maill, etc). Danny

>From uunet!!bchspd!bar Wed Jan 12 12:08:28 1994

Waqar, If you are wanting a MS Windows based reader, I can recommend PC Eudora. It is a "true" windows application and requires you to run PC-NFS with NDIS drivers (in order to use the Winsock). I believe this can be found in the simtel archives. You will also need to get a hold of Sun's "fixed" version of wshelper.exe in order for pc eudora to run properly. BTW, this is a smtp type reader and will need to run a pop deamon on the Unix server (popper from ??? is what I use).

Bret Robinson

| Bret Robinson, Unix System Admin \ | | B.C. Hydro, Burnaby, BC, Canada \ Voice: (604) 528-2137 | | \ Fax: (604) 528-1828 | | "Keep your stick on the ice" \__ o |

>From uunet!hyperion.LANL.GOV!x092306 Wed Jan 12 15:07:27 1994

PC-Eudora. The best by far and free.

,,, (. .) ----------------------o00-(_)-00o--------------------------- Jerry Weber Los Alamos National Laboratory C-8 LAN Services MS D417 (505)667-7410 FAX(505)665-5234 Los Alamos, NM 87545 --------------------------------------------------------------

>From uunet!magma.COM!david Wed Jan 12 18:07:02 1994

PC-Pine from U. of Washington and PC-Eudora by Qualcomm in San Diego should able to do it. Eudora is an Window application. You can obtain it by anonymous ftp PC-pine can be obtained from


------------------------------------------------------------ David Fan email: MAGMA Tel: (619) 457-0750 6725 Mesa Ridge Road #100, Fax: (619) 457-0798 San Diego, CA 92121 ------------------------------------------------------------

>From uunet!MITL.Research.Panasonic.COM!lemke Wed Jan 12 18:07:09 1994

We use the freeware Eudora for Windows which is very wonderful. Most of our PC's are running PC/TCP from FTP Software, but I'm very sure that the most current version of PC-Eudora works with windows sockets, hence it'll work with PC-NFS.

PC-Eudora is available via ftp from

Kennedy Lemke , , ___ ______ /| /| / / / Computer Systems Manager / | / | / / / Postmaster && News administrator / | / | / / / Matsushita Information Technology Laboratory / |/ | _/_ / /____ Panasonic Technologies, Inc. 2 Research Way Work Phone: (609) 734-7329 Princeton, New Jersey 08540-6628 Fax: (609) 987-8827 Email: lemke@Research.Panasonic.COM

>From uunet!!titan!gustavo Wed Jan 12 21:07:03 1994

Hello, You can look into PC-Eudora, from NCSA. You'll need a POP server for this, though.

Cheers, ================================================================== Gustavo Vegas CAD Systems Administrator Microchip Technology Inc. Chandler, Arizona, USA ==================================================================

>From uunet!!ricky Thu Jan 13 00:08:38 1994

Try qvnet, search it from the internet via archie, the product is called,

--- Ricky ______ _ __ __ | __ \ | | _ / \ / \ | |_| | ____ | | / / / \/ \ | ___/ _ | ___| | |/ / _ _ / /\ /\ \ | |\ \ | | | |__ | |\ \ \ \/ / / Ricky Marek (Communications Manager) |_| \_\|_| |____| |_| \_\ \ / / e-mail: __________________________/ / / phones: +972-4-313690 |__________________________/ / fax: +972-4-313699 \ Fibronics Ltd., Matam Industrial Park, Haifa 31905, ISRAEL /__/ \__\

>From uunet!syd.dwt.CSIRO.AU!julian Thu Jan 13 00:08:42 1994

With this Winsock thing you should be able to plug most stuff into PCNFS 5.0 . Otherwise stick a packet driver in with a packet mux and run something like nupop.

Check out pcEudora on There is a free version and a commercial version available. Eudora is really neat.

Also there is winqvt with a PCNFS version, try an archie for a location.

Julian Dryden CSIRO DWT Sydney Australia.

>From uunet!!hein Thu Jan 13 00:08:45 1994 Try the WinQVT/Net-package (our version number is 3.92).

Have fun, Stefan


************************************************* * Stefan Hein * * Technical University of Berlin * * TIB 3.1 * * Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25 * * 13355 Berlin * * Germany * * * * Phone : (+49)-30-314-72843 * * Fax : (+49)-30-314-72603 * * e-mail : * * ham : DL7AOS * *************************************************

>From uunet!!leon Thu Jan 13 00:14:00 1994

Hi, if you have: 1.MS Windows, 2.some Sun not so far from you, the ECS is the answer. Good stuff. Regards, ____________________________________________________

Leon Koll System & Network Administrator Orbotech Ltd. Voice (972) 8-423-664 Yavne, Israel Fax (972) 8-438-769 ____________________________________________________

----- Begin Included Message -----

>From!peter@isagate Tue Oct 26 13:03:33 1993 Subject: Re: Looking for ECS last version

Sorry, I just read and replied to your previous message, before I read this one and realized what it was that you were looking for. I am on the alpha and beta test team for the ECSmail product, as a user and system administrator for one of the clients of ISA Corp., the company who is developing ECSmail. I will forward this message on to them. If you have not had a reply within a few days, please let me know. In the mean time, I will include an extract from one of their files about the location:

***begin quote A demonstration version of the Microsoft Windows version of the ECSMail MUA Set is available via anonymous ftp from the following archive servers: (Oct. 1993)

in the directory


This version of ECSMail only supports the TCP/IP based mail access and transport protocols (IMAP2, SMTP), and can deliver MIME format messages. It provides "basic mail functionality" - it does the things that most mailers do. Some of the advanced features are not implemented. See the readme.txt file in the distribution for a complete description of what features are implemented in the demo.

All ECSMail MUA distributions have names with the following form


where "VV" is the major version of the distribution, and the "R" is the minor release number. The "{a|b|p}" indicates whether the distribution is an alpha (a), beta (b) or production (p) version of the software. ***end quote

I am not sure if their is available from the internet yet. We are currently using version 2.1 production.

On Thu, 21 Oct 1993 10:59:11 -0600 Leon Koll wrote:

> From: Leon Koll > Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 10:59:11 -0600 > Subject: Looking for ECS last version > To: > > Hello, Peter, > > I am Leon Koll from Orbotech, Israel. > We are working with ECS program - IMAP mail client > application for receiving and sending electronic mail across a network > that installed on PCs under MS WINDOWS. > I am looking for the last version of ECS ( our is 1.12 ). > Your email address was extracted from one of ECS files. > This is the only pointer, there are no pointer to author(s)... > If you are know smth about ECS, please help me. > > Thanks in advance, > ____________________________________________________ > > Leon Koll > System Administrator > Orbotech Ltd. Voice (972) 8-423-664 > Yavne, Israel Fax (972) 8-438-769 > ________________________________________

Peter Doell (403-420-7585) Alberta Power Limited, Fuel Supply Group, Generation Department Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

----- End Included Message -----

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>From!don@isagate Tue Oct 26 12:58:43 1993 Subject: Info on ECS

--Part9310250904C Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII

I have attached a .txt file called distrib.txt that details where the information you need is and how to get it. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Don McCormick

--Part9310250904C Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; name="DISTRIB.TXT"

********************************* ECSMail Distribution Announcement *********************************

This document describes how to obtain, install, and use ECSMail.

1. What is ECSMail? ----------------

ECSMail is an electronic mail product for building enterprise mail systems. It is designed from start to finish as a system for establishing mail services througout an organization, with external organizations and the world information system in general. It does this by using a completely standards based architecture.

ECSMail is comprised of the following system components:

ECSMail MUA Set - a set of Mail User Agents (MUA) ECSMail MTA Set - a set of Message Transport Agents (MTA) ECSMail MS Set - a set of Message Services (MS)

ECSMail provides a robust set of features, including:

* A distributed client/server architecture that separates message transport, message storage, and the user interface into separate applications. The applications communicate with each other using standards based application protocols. Messages are moved through the system using protocols inside of network file systems.

* Multi-part, multimedia mail messages supporting both the MIME and X.400 message formats. Files (e.g. binaries, images, text, voice, application) can be attached and sent along with a message. Different parts of the messsage can be extracted and displayed (using the necessary application) to the user. Messages can be constructed with arbitrarily complex structures.

* Multiple message service access and management. Message folders can be simultaneously accessed from any number of remote message services and from local disks. Entire folders or individual messages can be dragged and dropped between message services and folders.

* Hierarchical folder structures.

* Dynamic message grouping within folders. Messages can be grouped and sorted using any combination of message header criteria into a message group. Messages in a message group can be listed and manipulated as a single object. Message group messages can be displayed or hidden on command by a double mouse click or menu selection.

* Integration of mail and bulletin boards (NEWS, BBS) message services in a single interface. Bulletin board message services (NEWS groups) appear as a list of folders and threading of broadcast messages will be supported.

* Privancy Enhanced Mail (PEM). Message attachments can be securely encrypted using public key encryption. Digital signatures, and digital timestamps can be attached to message attachments or to the entire message.

* Forms in mail. Messages can be composed inside of a forms interface as a special message part. ECSMail comes with a forms design and a builtin forms display tool.

* Draft message support. Users will be able to create and store draft messages, and select draft messages from both public and private draft message stores.

* Integration with "mail enabled applications". ECSMail supports the MAPI, VIM, and XAPIA interapplication communication standards.

* Personal configuration files.

* Message delivery services like: - Asynchronous new mail notification. - Delivery receipts (acknowledgments). - Read receipts (acknowledgments). - Message priorities.

* Personal address book lookup and management. Addresses can be loaded manually, copied from incoming mail, or copied from a Directory User Agent (DUA).

* Integration with Directory Services. The user can query local and network-wide address information while composing messages. Addresses can be copied from the Directory User Agent (DUA) to the user's local address book. This facility is provided using either X.500 or LDAP conformant DUAs. The ECSDirectory products provide the Directory Service components necessary for the integrated DUA lookup.

2. The ECSMail MUA Set -------------------

The ECSMail MUA Set is a group of client user interfaces that run on a number of different platforms. ECSMail MUA can function as both a "remote" MUA and a "local" MUA. While functioning in remote mode, it will access a remote message service using standards based mail access protocols. In local mode, it will access a local message store using operating system dependent message service access routines.

ECSMail is has been designed and implemented to be as independent as possible from operating system, display, and network protocols. We have achieved this by building driver libraries for the OS and displays, and using Mark Crispin's c-client drivers for message service access (both local and remote message stores).

The ECSMail MUA Set will support the following operating system, display, and mail application protocol combinations:

OS - Unix, DOS, Microsoft NT, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, Mac System 7, OpenVMS

Displays - X11 (R4, R5, Motif), Microsoft Windows, Presentation Manager, Mac Finder, ASCII Character

Formats - Internet message format (MIME, RFC822). X.400 (OSI) message format.

Protocols - Internet mail protocols (SMTP, IMAP, NNTP). X.400 (OSI) mail protocols (P1, P7, P7+).

3. The ECSMail MTA Set -------------------

The ECSMail MTA Set is a group of message transport agents (MTA) that run on a number of different "server" platforms. The MTA set is responsible for transporting messages between machines on the network.

The ECSMail MTA Set will support the following operating system and mail application protocol combinations:

OS - Unix, Microsoft NT, OS/2, OpenVMS

Formats - Internet message format (MIME, RFC822). X.400 (OSI) message format.

Protocols - Internet mail protocols (SMTP, NNTP). X.400 (OSI) mail protocols (P1).

The MTA set is capable of translating between the Internet and X.400 message formats. Messages can be gatewayed between X.400 mail systems and Internet mail systems.

4. The ECSMail MS Set ------------------

The ECSMail MS Set is a group of message servers (MS) that run on a number of different "server" platforms. The MS Set is responsible for managing messages stored on the mail server and providing access service to the MUA. MUA's manage remotely stored mail messages through the message service MS Set applications.

The ECSMail MTA Set will support the following operating system and mail application protocol combinations:

OS - Unix, Microsoft NT, OS/2, OpenVMS

Formats - Internet message format (MIME, RFC822). X.400 (OSI) message format.

Protocols - Internet mail protocols (IMAP). X.400 (OSI) mail protocols (P7, P7+).

5. How Do I Get More Information? ------------------------------

More information is available from ISA on request. Related technical information documents that can be obtained from ISA include:

(!) * Enterprise Communications Service (ECS) Overview * Introduction to ECSMail * ECSMail Features Summary (!) * Introduction to ECSDirectory * ECSDirectory Features Summary

(!) = forthcoming

The technical documents can be obtained from the archive servers listed below or by contacting:

ECS Publications Coordinator 835 10040 - 104 Street Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 0Z2 Phone: 403-420-8081 Fax: 403-420-8037

or by sending a request through electronic mail to the address:

ECS Publications <>

Pricing for the ECS products and ISA business information can be obtained by contacting: ECS Sales 835 10040 - 104 Street Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 0Z2 Phone: 403-420-8081 Fax: 403-420-8037

or by sending a request through electronic mail to the address:

ECS Sales <>

6. How Do I Get The Demonstration Software? ----------------------------------------

A fully functional demonstration version of the Microsoft Windows version of the ECSMail MUA Set is available via anonymous ftp from the following archive servers: (Nov. 1993)

This version of ECSMail only supports the TCP/IP based mail access and transport protocols (IMAP2, SMTP), and can deliver MIME format messages. It provides "basic mail functionality" - it does the things that most mailers do. Some of the advanced features are not implemented. See the readme.txt file in the distribution for a complete description of what features are implemented in the demo.

All ECSMail MUA distributions have names with the following form


where "VV" is the major version of the distribution, and the "R" is the minor release number. The "{a|b}", if present, indicates that the distribution is an alpha (a) or beta (b) version of the software. Alpha versions of the files are password protected to enforce a limited distribution during the testing phase of the release.

We encourage you to get the software and try it out. This version of ECSMail is released for demonstration purposes only - IT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Further information on how to obtain licensed copies of ECSMail is provided below.

8. What Else Do I Need to Run the Demo? ------------------------------------

To make full use of the ECSMail distribution, you will need to get the latest production release of the IMAP2bis server for UNIX - imapd. The source code for this server can be obtained from:

It will compile on most UNIX host types without too much difficulty.

In addition, ISA has several compiled versions of the server available from the same archive servers as the ECSMail distribution:*.Z*.Z

Versions that have been compiled include SunOS, SCO UNIX, and Ultrix. These are the only UNIX host types to which we currently have access. We definitely would appreciate executables binaries from other UNIX platforms if you would care to donate them.

7. Unpacking the ECSMail distribution ----------------------------------

The distribution files are packaged as self-extracting ZIP archive. You will need to obtain a password from the ECS Development Group ( to unpack alpha distribution files. To unpack it, simply execute the .exe file in the directory you want the distribution to reside in and type:

mua-VV{a|b}R -d -s[password]

This will expand the distribution file into multiple files. Among them you should find a readme file and manifest.txt file. Please follow the instructions in these files to configure and run the ECSMail software. There are some changes in the configuration files and support DLL's provided with every new release.

8. Restrictions on the Demonstration Software ------------------------------------------

The mailer is designed to support several different TCP/IP stacks through the use of dynamic link libraries (DLL). The demo software is Microsoft Windows based and supports the WinSock DLL interface. The following WinSock implementations are known to work with the ECSMail MUA for Windows:

* Beame and Whiteside - BWTCP 2.x, 3.x * FTP Software - PCTCP 2.2 * Microsoft TCP/IP - (BETA) * Novell Lan Workplace * Sun Microsystems - PCNFS 4.x, 5.x * SuperTCP 1.1 * NetManage Chameleon * Trumpet WinSock DLL (ALPHA)

We are currently working on providing:

* DEC Pathworks * (Public Domain) University of Waterloo - WatTCP

Any compliant WinSock DLL implementation should work with ECSMail. For those interested in packet driver support, any WinSock compliant TCP/IP stack that supports packet drivers can be used. The Trumpet WinSock DLL provides good public domain/shareware support for packet drivers.

9. Mailing lists -------------

Announcements and general discussion about ECSMail can be obtained from the ECS Information mailing list. To join the mailing list send a message to

To submit messages to the mailing list, send mail to

If there are problems with the list, then send mail to

10. Who is ISA Corp? ----------------

ISA Corp. is a technology integration company that focuses on building and supporting standards based, distributed network applications.

If you have any problems with getting the software or installing it, please mail us at or contact ISA at the phone number below. Your input can only help us get it right.

ISA Corp. #835, 10040 - 104 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0Z2 (403) 420-8081


----- End Included Message -----

>From uunet!!thomas Thu Jan 13 03:07:07 1994

Hi Waqar,

in our institute we have installed a POP-server on the mailing host. The client program we us for PCs is NUPOP (running under DOS). Both programs you can get free. They should be found on the most ftp-servers.

Perhaps it helps you


+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Dipl. Stat. Thomas Koetter | | Institut fuer Statistik und Oekonometrie | | Fakultaet Wirtschaftswissenschaften | | Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, GERMANY | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Tel. voice: +49 30 2468-321 | | Tel. FAX: +49 30 2468-249 | | E-mail: | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+

>From uunet!!abeckett Thu Jan 13 06:06:58 1994

I've looked at popmail (I got it from the uk archive at, but it should be available from most archives). This is a DOS based program which uses the POP protocol that sun selectmail uses. It needs some packet drivers as well (obtained from the same archive), but does NOT need PCNFS (although it can coexist). It's also fairly easy to use - I got it working under windows in a lan-manager network as well (although the interface was still DOS of course).

If you already have PCNFS for the PC's then I would suggest buying sun selectmail for dos/windows as this is pretty cheap compared with PCNFS, and allows attachments and all sorts of things.

Hope this helps,

Andrew Beckett.

*********************************************************************** * Andrew Beckett * * * Senior Design Engineer * * * Fujitsu Microelectronics Ltd * * * Highway House * phone : (0628) 71116 * * Norreys Drive * fax : (0628) 773990 * * Maidenhead. Berks SL6 4BW * email : * ***********************************************************************

>From uunet!!ch Thu Jan 13 06:07:02 1994

We're currently trying the Cinetic Mail Manager 2.1 which is shareware and is a Windows application. It directly supports SunSelect's PC-NFS, FTP's PC/TCP, UUPC extended, FSUUCP and Pathway and it doesn't look too difficult to configure it for other situations. (Apparently, it was called EZ-mail)

We got it from the August '93 CICA CD-ROM so you should be able to FTP it from the CICA archive at in pub/pc/win3

We've found a couple of points in actual use:

1) We need to modify how we NFS mount the central mailbox on the PC so when the mailbox is updated it retains the correct 600 permissions.

2) It doesn't understand the difference between DOS newlines and UNIX newlines. The result is that you cannot share folders between Sun's mailtool and Cinetic Mail Manager.

3) No MIME or MAPI support

License is 30$ from Cinetic Systems, 4933 Verreau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H1M 2C7 Email: Cinetic@Speedy.CAM.ORG

Hope this helps

? @ @ --w---U---w-- Wot no opinions?, Chad Hanna (formerly Dorotech Ltd, 5 Hithercroft Court, Lupton Road, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 9BT Phone: +44 491 825622 Fax: +44 491 825070 ================================== Masters of Optical Disk under UN*X

Waqar -- Actually, what I'd like is a little toy spaceship!!

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