From: Nico Tjandra (
Date: Sun Jan 23 1994 - 14:06:54 CST

    The response that I have received were tremendous. I have summarized
the responses below. I have not tried any of these my self yet. Hope
this helps others who are seeking the same info.

Thanks to the following people for all their generous help: (Sandy Fraser) (Steve Pomush)
mblisd!isdserv1!drubie@Aus.Sun.COM (David "dOOf" Rubie) (David Landers)
lemke@MITL.Research.Panasonic.COM (Kennedy Lemke)
mikeg@Pima.GOV (Mike Gruen) (Mark S. Anderson) (Aidan Williams) (Rob Scott)

    1. two people sent me the PRINTCAPCITY file which contains a lot of
entries for known printers.
    2. three people sent me their own printcap entries as well as their
own filter or driver for the plotter.
    3. one person uses a Milan Fastport on the Plotter (ethernet ->
Parallel/serial), which is a node on the network.

The following is the most common printcap entry that I can find in those

# hp7550a plotter over a tty line.
hpa|HPA|HP7550A|A-size HP plotter:\

For those of you who need the PRINTCAP-CITY file, please send me a note
and I'll forward you the file. I am trying to save bandwidth.

Thanks again for those people who were willing to help.

                                        - Nico -

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