SUMMARY: 670MP Crashes with VME SBUS expander

From: Jonathan Corbet (corbet@stout.atd.ucar.EDU)
Date: Fri Jan 21 1994 - 09:20:49 CST

My original query, as you may recall, had to do with our 670MP crashing
whenever (1) Sun's VME SBUS expander board is in the system, and (2) a
particular file is copied to a drive through a controller on the expander.
I got a few replies, but, unfortunately, I can not say that the problem is

One reply said that the expander board is "a piece of garbage" and will not
work properly under any version of the operating system. Another had
crashing problems until Sun replaced their backplane, after which the
problem went away. Well, we got our backplane replaced (along with most of
the rest of the system) and the problem remains. Other replies indicated
that the SBUS expander works just fine. One clown told me to simply avoid

A couple of interesting developments from Sun: (1) replacing our old
Cypress CPUs with SuperSparc CPUs seemed to make the problem go away.
Nobody knows why. Sun then took their nice, expensive SuperSparcs back and
our problem remains. Then (2) our Sun sales droid came up with the real
solution -- for only $25K he can sell us a SparcServer 1000 which,
presumably, does not have this problem. Always helpful, that guy. At
least we got a good laugh before getting rather annoyed...

The Sun field engineer has a somewhat firmer grip on reality and is still
trying to fix the problem, but it seems to me like it just ain't gonna fix.
We will probably send the SBUS expander back soon.

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