SUMMARY tar: read error: I/O error

Date: Thu Jan 20 1994 - 23:58:21 CST

Hi -

Original post :
> I have a 60MB tape written on a 150MB drive that my 60MB drive won't read.
> I get
> tar: read error: I/O error
> Is it possible to read 60 tapes written on a 150 drive? Is the data density
> the same for both drives? Are there any switches to give tar (on either machine)
> that will make this possible? Is there a guide to stuff like this anywhere
> so I don't have to waste bandwidth with such questions, or is it all learned
> 'through experience' (a lousy teacher - she gives the tests before the
> lectures)?

The responses ranged from "Of course you can, stupid" to "Of course not,
stupid". The "Of couse not" school seems to win, though, since most
from the "Of course you can" group hadn't actually tried it, just 'heard
it was possible', like I had.
        The QIC150 tape writes a different density/# of tracks than a
QIC60 drive does. Many were surprised I didn't get error messages on the
write. There may have been some - I was just given a tape and told to
read it.
        And for those few who suggested it - yes, I HAD read the man
on st, and if I had a tape drive hardware manual, I'd not have asked. But
we all know there are ways around limits mentioned in the man pages, and
I don't have the drive, much less the manual. Just the tape. So from now
on, if you can't answer politely, don't answer at all. I've little
patience with arrogance.

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