screensaver - SUMMARY

From: The Terminator (
Date: Tue Jan 18 1994 - 12:05:10 CST

        This is a summary relating to a question on how to use screen_blank /screensaver
with Solaris 2.3. The story is that there is no screenblank with Solaris2.3, however the
Sunos4.1.3 screenblank program works OK, also there is an property you can set under
Openwindows that deals with screensaver.


#! /bin/sh

# Start a screenblank process for each framebuffer

# screenblank is copied from a SunOS 4.1.3 system

if [ -x $SCREENBLANK ]; then
        for FRAMEBUFFER in /dev/fbs/*
                echo "Starting screenblank for $FRAMEBUFFER"
                $SCREENBLANK -f $FRAMEBUFFER

I called it S99zscreenblank so it would be the last thing to be
run at boot time. Let me know if you find a more elegant way
of doing this!

The screensaver properties allows screenblank to work perfectly under openwindows
but I have yet to try the screenblank from Sunos4.1.3.

Many thanks to all who replied.

Diarmuid Coyle.

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