SUMMARY: PCNFS and Solaris 2.3 automount

From: Frank Allan Network Mgr (
Date: Tue Jan 18 1994 - 17:07:11 CST

orry for delay in posting summary, but I have a solution I needed to test
before posting the results.

With a great deal help from our local Sun Support Centre, there is a solution,
although I must point out it is TOTALLY UNSUPPORTED. However, it works just

The problem is with autofs which now uses lofs mounts for automounted file
systems, and mountd denies requests for remote mounts of lofs systems.

The workaround is to disable autofs, and use the automount daemon from 2.2.

Disabling is done in /etc/rc2.d, by renaming autofs to something like
2.3-S73autofs and saving a copy of S73nfs.client to 2.3-S73nfs.client,
then adding the following to S73nfs.client:

         # Start the automounter.
         # Use mount points and maps as described in the /etc/auto_master
         if [ -x /usr/lib/nfs/automount ]
                 /usr/lib/nfs/automount > /dev/console 2>&1

These lines should be added to the 'start' option of the case statement
just after


which is line 44 of the original file.

The other thing is to copy the 2.2 version of automount into /usr/lib/nfs

then reboot and it works.

For those who don't want to run unsupported OS programs, Dave Mitchell has
built a program which can lookup the automount maps, find the real mount
point, then do a 'net use' of the real filesystem. We were going to use
his program if our workaround didn't work, but it means running this
program on each PC, and we were trying to avoid having to modify each PC.

The word I have from Sun is that this problem is expected to be fixed in
the next release, which is either 2.3.2 or 2.4.

thanks to the following: (Grant Rickard) (Eric Bernard) (Bill Lenherr) (Dave Mitchell) (Robert Ogren)

Original posting below:

we have had PC-NFS 5.0 running with PCs accessing filesystems on
several servers, under both 4.1.3 and 2.2. Last weekend we moved
our 2.2 server to 2.3 and now PCNFS complains about the filesystem
not being local to the server. Is autofs broken under 2.3 or is
PCNFS broken with 2.3? The 2.3 server is an NIS client to our NIS
master which exists on the same subnet. We are NOT running NIS+.
all our users are defined via NFS to have their home directories
as /home/user/username, and our automount maps point to the real
filesystem which is typically /user1, /user2, /user3 etc
net use e: server:$HOME /ms
 would read the automounter map for /home/user and mount
 /userx/username on drive e:
now we get the error which says:
NFS040F:/home/user/username is not local to server servername, or does not exist
net use e: server:/home/user/username /ms also fails with the same message.
However, if we use the real directory it works. eg:
net use e: server:/user3/username /ms works just fine.
so there are no permission problems with mounting the directory, it is local
to the server, and it does exist. So it looks like it has a permission
problem because it is an automounted filesystem reference (to a local
filesystem !).
I have got our local Sun office chasing any info from the PCNFS developers,
but if anyone has any help I would be grateful, as all my users come back
to work next week and I am going to have hell break loose if I can't sort
this out real quick.

++++++++end original post +++++++++++

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