SUMMARY: /dev/ttyp#: not owner?

From: Aline H. Runde - MicroModule Systems (
Date: Wed Jan 19 1994 - 08:20:05 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

I got a lot people who are interested on the problem so here's the summary.
My problem is fixed. Users' .cshrc file has a line

biff n
By removing that line, and restart the windows, the error message went away.
Special thanks to the following managers listed below who suggested me to look
for 'biff' or 'mesg' commands in the .cshrc file, remove them and put them in
the .login file so they will executed properly.
Also please pardon my stupidity about the tmp protection that has nothing to
do with this and thanks to all who suggested me to reset the protection for

Thanks again, Aline...

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Original post:

|> Dear Sun Managers,
|> I have a problem that is not critical but it bugs me a lot.
|> Every time users invoke openwin, when windows came up, there was a message
|> on the upper left corner of each window saying /dev/ttyp#: not owner
|> I looked at /tmp, the protection was set to
|> drwxrwxrwx 4 root 648 Jan 12 17:14 tmp
|> Anywhere else I need to check?
|> Thanks in advance, Aline...

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