SUMMARY - List servers

Date: Wed Jan 19 1994 - 02:44:06 CST

The question was: I need a good list server. I am starting a CF list and
need a list server to run on a Sparc.

Many people responded, but they all mentioned the same two list servers. I
will include the text below.

Thanks to all that responded. Btw, this question generated more "Me too"
responses than suggestions, so I guess it's a good thing that I asked.


P.S. does anyone want to be added to my Cystic Fibrosis list ?

----archie for listproc
I have two different systems running it, one a SPARC and one an RS6000.

listproc works good. From or your favourite archive site.

Bill ---- Try majordomo from

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mark Owens email: TRW High Performance Networks phone: (310) 214-5635 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- Have you tried majordomo? You can get it at in /pub/majordomo.

I'm runing it on a Sparc 4/670 and am having no troubles at all.

-- %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Mike Butry % Space for Rent Programmer Analyst % Facilities Department % Portland State University % Phone: 725-4326 Fax: 725-4329 % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

----- One of the best available for simple lists is majordomo availble from

--- check out listproc, should be available at in the /pub/listserv directory. version 6.0c does almost all automatic list handling and based on our experience of version 5.5 is easy to run although 5.5 was missing features such as searching of archive files (in 6.0c). It needs an ANSI C compiler but the unproto untility allows a K&R compiler to build the thing.

I can send more information if you're interested.

Alan Thew


I am currently using the listserv software written by some one at Boston University. It works quite well.

You should also look at Majordomo written by Brent Chapman. It is avail- able from

If I were setting up the listserv I run at this time I would personally use "Majordomo."

_ken nawyn nynex s & t, inc --- Brent Chapman's majordomo is great. I can't remember the source, but an archie search would definitely find it.

Darrell ---- Hello,

Get the listserv package from I think it is the best and I've been running the last version for months without problems. Most popular mailing lists use this package and this last version even allows you have people telnetting to the server and issue listserv commands.

Yves Lepage ---- Majordomo is pretty good. :) Andy ----

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