SUMMARY: Swapping Floppy Drives

From: Michael R. Zika (
Date: Mon Jan 17 1994 - 13:29:03 CST

  Original Question:
  We just took delivery on a SparcStation LX and a SS-10. Much to
my surprise, the LX did not come with a 1.44Mb floppy drive (now why
did I think those were standard with the LX's?). The SS-10 is going
to be used as a computer server, and, as such, nobody is going to have
access to the box.

  We would like to pull the floppy drive from the SS-10 and install
it in the Sparc LX. Is this reasonable/intelligent/feasible? Any
hidden problems, or is it just unplug/plug and play?

  The responses were unanimous that the floppy drive in the SS-10 is
the same hardware as the floppy in the LX. One hardware problem
presents itself: the floppy cable in the SS-10 is a bit too short
for the LX. There are two approaches here:
   1) Install it anyway and be careful the next time you pop open
       the LX.
   2) Order a floppy drive cable from Sun that is specifically designed
       for the LX.

  On the software side, all you have to do is make sure the kernel
has been configured for the floppy drive and it should recognize the
device automagically at bootup.

  Several people suggested just purchasing a floppy drive expansion
kit from Sun -- with discounts, it would be about $100. By ordering
an expansion kit, you don't have to worry about voiding the warranty
on the box, and you get the proper length floppy cable. We're going
to go with this option, for the sake of the warranty if nothing else...

Many thanx to all the respondents::
  John Konc
  Lawrence A. Bilker
  Jon Bowman jb@highscc.uucp
  George Pallas
  Mark Anderson manderso@mitre.
  Louis M. Brune
  John Malick
  Robert Ogren
  Barry Levin
  Gerry Massie
  Matt Mauss Matt_Mauss_-T@HQDev.3Mail.3Com.COM

--Michael Zika

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