SUMMARY: st.conf parameters for HP35480 DAT on Solaris 2

From: Philip Ross (
Date: Mon Jan 17 1994 - 05:17:20 CST

Last week I asked about st.conf parameters for HP 35480A DAT drives for use
with Solaris 2.3. Unfortunately I got no replies (except for one 'me too').

I have also had no answer from my supplier who has been trying to get the
information from HP (Do HP care about after sales support anymore?).

If anyone has any information which might be useful please let me know. (If
I get any more useful information I will post another SUMMARY).

philip ross


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I would like to use our HP35480 DAT drive on a Solaris 2.3 SUN.
Since it is an unsupported drive it needs "configuration parameters"
added to the /kernel/drv/st.conf file. I have added the following 2
lines to the head of this file and when the drive is first accessed
after booting the console reports my 'name' correctly
(so I think the Vendor ID and Product ID are specified correctly!!).

tape-config-list = "HP HP35480A ", "HP3480A 4mm DAT", "hp-data";
        hp-data = 1,0x34,1024,0x1629,4,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,3;

My question is what value should I specify for density where I have 0x00 in
the line above?

I've tried a few numbers at random but I can't successfully read tapes
previously written when the drive was on a Solaris 1 system or when the
st.conf file is unmodified.

Philip Ross

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