SUMMARY:mounting problem

From: Ahmed Bentiba (
Date: Sun Jan 09 1994 - 10:50:17 CST

Thank you for your messages.
My message was:
Hi everyone
We have two Sun stations:
1) poincare: (architecture:sun4,sun4c) running SunOS 4.0.3c, and
2) riemann: (sun4, sun4c) running SunOS 4.1.3
I tried (in poincare) to mount /home/maple (which is in riemann) and I
get the following message:
mount:riemann:/home/maple server not responding:RPC:program not registered...
Do you have any idea of the origin of this problem?
The problem, as was mentioned by all of the answerers, was the deamon
rpc.mountd wasn't fired on riemann.

Thanks for the following people:
Edsel Adap
Bill Morrow
James Rae
Tim Evans
Chandrasekhar Nagasundaram
Jerzy Sobczyk
Mike Raffety
John Konc
David Mostardi
Frank 'Scruffy' Miller
Brian Decker
Marco A Gaspar R
Cliff Trap (MIS)
Glen W Cantello
Perry Hutchinson
SC Khoo
Barry Margolin

Ahmed Bentiba
Universite de Moncton
Departement de mathematique
Moncton, NB

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