SUMMARY: SunPC and Solaris 2.3

From: Mike Jipping (
Date: Fri Jan 14 1994 - 16:18:05 CST

Two weeks ago, I wrote the following:

> We're running Solaris 2.2 and upgrading to Solaris 2.3 now that Christmas
> break is here. We use SunPC 4.0 from Sun as well for some PC tasks. I
> have almost completed the upgrade and I find out that SunPC is not
> installing correctly on the few machine that use it. A trip through the
> SunSolve database brings up bug ID 1149469: the SunPC driver for Solaris
> 2.3 is nowhere to be found.
> A Sun TechRep says that SunPC does not work with Solaris 2.3 and WILL NOT
> until February. Gee...this is nowhere in the documentation for either
> SunPC or Solaris 2.3.
> Is this true? Can someone help me to work around this? Because of the
> lack of documentation, we have almost completely upgraded, and now will
> have to downgrade to keep SunPC functionality.
The true answer here is YES, this is true. February is the timeframe for
SunPC 4.0.1 to work with Solaris 2.3.

A workaround was provided by Greg Onufer from Sun:

> This is in no way an official solution to your problem nor is it
> endorsed by SMCC or SunSoft or any other SMI planet...
> What *I* did on my SS10 was:
> cd /opt/SUNWsunpc/drvr
> cp sunpcmod.`uname -m`_52.o sunpcmod.`uname -m`_53.o
> ../bin/sunpc_install
Now, he confesses he had problems with this. For me, this solution made
the invocation of SunPC REBOOT MY MACHINE (Sparc 1+ and Sparc 10/41). So
user beware.

Thanks to those who responded, especially Ron Russell, who was extremely
informative with his answer, and Greg Onufer.

      Mike Jipping
      Hope College Department of Computer Science (BITNET: JIPPING@HOPE)

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