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From: Aline H. Runde - MicroModule Systems (
Date: Wed Jan 12 1994 - 02:41:46 CST

Most managers said there is a problem with the memory module U312. The cheaper
way is that I may need to reseat it first before replacing it. But since it
is transient, I don't have to worry about it until I see that error message
repeating again and again.

Special thanks to Lars-Peter who sent me the picture of the SS2 board with
the chips location and Claus Assmann who pointed me to the archive site
"" to get the memory check summary. If any of you
happened to have the summary of the memory check info, would you please mail
it to me.

Thanks so much to all listed below, and I'm truly sorry if I miss any.

Aline... (Dave Curado)
Steve Elliott <> (Lars-Peter Sward)
"D.J.Peacock" <>
Claus Assmann <> (Sean Ward)
Steve Lodin <>
Steve J Lacey <> (Jeanne Gee)
Larry Chin <> (Miguel A. Rozsas)
Jun Wu <jun@CURIE.SSCTR.BCM.TMC.EDU> (Peter Watkins) (Jerry Symanski - NRaD Code 761) (Andy Feldt) (Martin J. Burke)
Dave Gunter <> (Jim Shore)

Original Post
> Dear Sun Managers,
> Have any of you seen these error messages before? Please let me know what
> they mean. I extracted it by typing # /etc/dmesg | more
> .
> .
> .
> dump on sd0b fstype spec size 32748K
> Parity error reported at 0xf35558, actual address is 0xf35554.
> Parity Error, ctx = 0x6, virt addr = 0xf35554
> pme = c3001bbe, phys addr = 1bbe554
> Parity Error Register 91<ERROR,CHECK,ERR24>
> bad module/chip at: U312
> pid 6288 killed: parity error
> parity error at 1bbe554 is transient.
> page 1bbe000 back in service.
> System operation can continue
> Thanks, Aline...

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