SUMMARY: "mp" printing problems

From: Larry Freeman (
Date: Tue Jan 11 1994 - 03:39:09 CST

My original post was:
> Sun Managers,
> When I print out a file using mp:
> cat $FILE | mp | lpr
> cat $FILE | mp -o | lpr
> cat $FILE | mp -l | lpr
> cat $FILE | mp -lo | lpr
> It always does the same thing: the first page prints 60 lines, all other
> pages print 61 lines. This is very annoying when trying to print long
> ASCII files that keep dropping down 1 line each page.
> This happens both on NEWS printers and postscript printers.
> I am sure that some enterprising individual has seen this problem and found
> a solution. I have RTFMan pages, and played around with the prolog files,
> but have not found a clean way to make mp behave.

Three Responses -

One person suggested I pull a newer version of mp off the Net - the one I
am using is the standard (old) one w/ OW3: which mp /usr/openwin/bin/xview/mp
                                            what mp
                                                 mp: _crt1.S 1.6 91/02/11 SMI
                                                      _crt2.c 1.4 91/02/11 SMI

Two people suggested I get rid of mp altogether and use "a2ps" instead.

Unfortunately, no one told me where to find these files on the net.

If someone could tell me where to find the latest mp and a2ps files, I will
start using them.

Thanks for responding: (Jochen Bern) (Danny Johnson) (Dan Stromberg)


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