SUMMARY - sparcprinter prob's

From: Rob Allan (
Date: Tue Jan 11 1994 - 19:37:13 CST

Thanks to the many who responded to my post for help. It turned out
that all I had to do was press the reset button near the power cable
socket. Turning the printer on & off has no effect.

I also found out that some early models of sparcprinters won't work
even after a reset and must be replaced, (hopefully free of charge.)

Again thanks to everyone for the quick response.

My original post follows:

> Help our printer isn't working.
> We got a sparcprinter from antoher group a few months ago. The toner
> cartridge ran out. So we replaced the old one.
> We weren't given any manuals with the printer but the cartridge had
> installation instructions printed on it and we followed them.
> Anyways the printer still has the toner low light on and the code "J5"
> in the led on the front top left of the printer.
> Can anyone help us out? The printer refuses to work.

The people who helped were:,, bmeadows@PICA.ARMY.MIL,,,,,,,,,,

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