SUMMARY:Can't compile X11 programs

From: James Rae (
Date: Thu Jan 06 1994 - 13:14:25 CST

        I guess I overlooked that one little thing, I edited type imake
templates and the program compiled just great.

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Thanks to: (Bill Morrow)

Reply included below:
Check the "-I" flag to the compiler and make sure that it's giving the
path to where your X11 include files are.

Normally however, X11 programs which you have retrieved from the net are
built using "xmkmf", which calls "imake", which uses an Imakefile and
various other template files to define compile flags.

I just retrieved xautolock, it built with no problems by doing the following
in the distribution directory, just like it says to in the README:


If you have a standard OW 3 installation, xmkmf should be in /usr/openwin/bin

Go read some more manuals :)

Good luck,

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