SUMMARY: Solaris 2.3 Jumpstart question

Date: Fri Jan 07 1994 - 00:45:42 CST

OK, only a few people responded to my question and I found a solution
thru trial and error. The original question was:

> I am trying to use JumpStart with Solaris 2.3 to automate the addition
> of patches. For machines that already has 2.3 loaded (but with no
> patches yet), my rules file look like:
> # key value begin class finish
> #---- ----- ----- ----- ------
> installed any Solaris_2.3 - - patch.upgrade
> but when I "boot net - install" the install procedure fails. Inserting
> debugging statements into the shell script 'patch.upgrade' seem to show
> that the problem is that the native filesystems on the booted machine
> are NOT mounted onto /a as is when I have a "class" file.
> I have tried RTFM with the Sol 2.3 System Conf & Installation Guide and
> the FAQ's but there isn't too much on the topic of upgrades. Am I
> missing something?

Turns out the machines' filesystems will get mounted if I put a dummy
class file with "install_type upgrade" line in it.
It will take a coupld of minutes to figure out that nothing has to be
loaded and then proceed with my finish script.
(I can also manually do the mounts inside my finish script but that
will have to hardcode the disk device which won't work for every
machine.) Thanks to:

From: (Yves Hardy)
From: Ron Russell <>

for their comments. I thought more people would have responded with
better ways to install patches as patching seems to be a rather
frequent topic in Solaris 2.X. 8^)

David C. Kwong

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