SUMMARY: SBus SPARCprinter cable length limititations?

From: Scott Blachowicz (
Date: Tue Jan 04 1994 - 21:10:35 CST

I asked:
>We've got a SPARCprinter hooked up to a SPARCstation via an SBus card. What
>are the restrictions on how longer the cable to the printer can be? We've
>gotten indications in the past that our 15 foot cable (I think) is the max we
>can do? Is that right? Is there a way to extend the distance? I'm not really
>the person who knows the details, but he's on vacation for a couple of weeks,
>thus this confused sounding message...

I got several responses (I'm sorry I didn't respond to all of them). Several
of them seemed to be talking about a SPARCprinter using a parallel interface
and how to extend that up to 80 or 90 feet. Unless I'm misinterpreting
things, the one that applies to the SBus <--> SPARCprinter cable length goes
like this:

        We use a 10 meter cable.
        SPARCprinter Cable SBus Card to SPARCprinter (10m), PartNo 370-1365
        SPARCprinter Cable SBus Card to SPARCprinter (5m), PartNo 370-1680

Send me email if you would like a more complete summary of all the

Thanx to all who responded:

        From: Robert Bonomi <>
        From: konc%fnts07@uunet.UU.NET (John Konc 3376 ICB3C fnts07)
        From: (Guntram Wolski)
        From: (Tom Tiggelman)
        From: Ricardo Marek <>
        From: (Dan Jiracek)
        From: (Joseph Anderson)
        From: uunet!synaptx!jen!rheaton
        From: (Jim R McLeanLipinski)
        From: Gary White <>
        From: kmah@DCS-Systems.COM (Kevin Mah)
        From: (Jeff Wasilko)

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