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From: Jian Ye (ye@Software.ORG)
Date: Thu Jan 06 1994 - 13:38:16 CST

Hi Managers,

I know I asked a easy one. when I came in this morning there were 17
messages already. My thanks go to
                   Joaquim Fernando S
                   Dirk Boenning
                   Jochen Bern
                   Thomas Koetter
                   N C Patterson
                   Sten Gunterberg
                   Johan Vromans
                   Olav Lerbrekk
                   Garry Perratt
                   Jun Wu
                   Perry Hutchison
                   james mularadelis
                   Guy Cole
                   Bo Slaughter

and many more who reply later.

My original question is:

Q: It's possible to hide the console message to a file or to a xterm?

Yes there are many way of doing it. Most of you mentioned xterm -C.
I didn't have much success with that, although it SHOULD work according
to the man page. I have X11R5 and I am the owner of the /dev/console
and have rw permissions. I tried cmdtool -C in my openwin-init and it
works. I put it in .openwin-init file and it goes like

# .openwin-init - OpenWindows initialization script.
# WARNING: This file is automatically generated.
# Any changes you make here will be lost!
export DISPLAY
        if winsysck x11 ; then
                echo No display available for screen $1
                exit 1
        eval `svenv -env`
# Note: toolwait is a utility to control client startup.
# For more information, see the toolwait(1) man page.
# Start clients on screen 0
toolwait cmdtool -Wp 210 210 -Ws 593 461 -WP 1082 157 -Wi -C
toolwait filemgr -Wp 157 0 -Ws 555 603 -WP 1080 5 -Wi -r -i 5
toolwait mailtool -Wp 146 48 -Ws 651 544 -WP 1081 82 -Wi
toolwait cm -Wp 172 28 -Ws 525 440 -WP 1081 235 -Wi

and my .xinitrc goes like

# .xinitrc - OpenWindows startup script.
if [ -f $HOME/.Xdefaults ]; then
    xrdb $HOME/.Xdefaults & # Load Users X11 resource database
    xrdb $OPENWINHOME/lib/Xdefaults & # Load Default X11 resource database
$OPENWINHOME/lib/openwin-sys & # OpenWindows system initialization

# Install function key "F1" as an Open Look "Help" key
# This precludes its use by applications
# If your applications use F1 for anything else, comment out the following line
xmodmap -e 'keysym F1 = Help'

eval `svenv -env` # SunView binary compatibility
#/usr/openwin/bin/olwm -3 & # OpenLook Window Manage

if [ -x $HOME/.openwin-init ]; then
    $HOME/.openwin-init # Custom OpenWindows tools
    $OPENWINHOME/lib/openwin-init # Default OpenWindows tools

some of you mentioned xconsole, but somehow I heared a warning that if you
logout and xconsole is not dead, the next time login, you wouldn't get
a login prompt because it all goes to xconsole. Is this true? Can someone
clarify that, I will give it a try later. Someone also mentioned
changing /etc/syslog.conf to send console to a file, but there are draw
backs like not all messages will go to the file.

-- Jian

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