SUMMARY: Does anyone have experience with Sun CallTracker (SCT)?

From: Peter W Osel (
Date: Thu Jan 06 1994 - 10:37:31 CST

Though I got few answers, here a short summary. I'm still interested
hearing of experience with SCT and tools from Scopus!

I had asked:
Q> We are going to take a look at Sun's CallTracker for tracking bug
Q> reports for our software packages. We are interested in learning
Q> about other people's experience with the CallTracker software.

Q> What is good or bad about the software? How long did it take to
Q> customize and put the software into full operation? Is the
Q> performance sufficient, when using flat files to store bug reports?

I have learned:
* It seems that SCT is not (yet?) used very much. There were few
responses, most of them ``I'm interested too - send a summary''.

* Sun CallTracker is just a repackaging of Remedy's Action Request
System. It might be better for local helpdesk management than customer
bug tracking.

* Tools from Scopus seem to be an interesting alternative for our
intended usage.

Thanx to all who have answered:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Barry Margolin)
bbomba@CHBS.CIBA.COM (Bernhard Bomba) (Ian Wells) (Doug Obrecht) (Sheryl Coppenger)

See you on the bit stream,

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