SUMMARY: Connecting Mac PowerBook to our Sun network

From: Saul Pliuskonis (
Date: Wed Jan 05 1994 - 21:49:24 CST

Excellent Response!! I don't use this forum that often, but when I do
I always get good, timely responses.

Original Post:

> What is the best way to get Mac PowerBooks connected to a Sun
> 10-BaseT network? The PowerBooks run AppleTalk and connect into
> an AppleTalk network at another site, but when the owner's of
> said PowerBooks come to our site we have no means of connecting
> them. I am Mac illiterate so I need all the help I can get.


The most reccommended solution for just a few systems was:

        * SCSI to 10BaseT converter (by Asante, Focus Systems,
           Danya Comm., or Technology Works)
        * MacTCP (from Apple)
        * NCSA telnet from
        * CAP (Columbia Appletalk Protocol)
        * NFS-Share (TCP/IP/NFS) software from Intercon

For more than a few systems it was suggested that I use a GatorBox or
its equal, but since I only need to connect two PowerBooks......

Thanks to all who responded:

Dave Fetrow <>
jason andrade <> (James Ashton) (Mark S. Anderson) (Eric Burger)
Markku Kivisto <>
"Stephen Miller" <>
Andrew Pieri <> (Mark Oliver) (Julian Dryden)
"Fuat C. Baran" <> (Ed Bunch) (David Mostardi) (Fabrice Guerini)
Mark.McIntosh@sirius.UVic.CA (John Justin Hough)
Phill St-Louis <> (Juerg Thoeny ETHZ)
Claude Marinier <>
Ted Rodriguez-Bell <ted@ssl.Berkeley.EDU> (Alek O. Komarnitsky)


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