SUMMARY: Playing Audio CD's on a SparcClassic

From: Randy Styka (
Date: Tue Jan 04 1994 - 16:45:43 CST

On 31-Dec-93, I asked about the ability to play audio CD's on a Sparc
Classic. What a response! Fifteen votes for the "workman" program,
three votes for either "xcd" or "xcdplayer". A few people emailed
me copies of workman and xcdplayer. The consensus is that they both
work under Solaris 2.2, possibly with some "tweaking". We found this
to be true, but found that the workman executable works just fine as
is, with some possible LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable setup.

Anyway, workman and xcdplayer work just great (through the jack on
the CD player, not through the speaker on the system, as several
people pointed out.) Workman is the best, it even beats the function-
ality of CDremote on our Mac's.
My ears thank you all for your help!

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