SUMMARY (2): sendmail problem

From: Wagner Hide Ikeda (
Date: Fri Jan 07 1994 - 19:11:43 CST

Dear Sun-Mngs.

The problem was isolated: the combination elm + emacs. When you edit a message
and forget to issue a return in the end of the line, nor emacs neither elm
deals with this and passes the message to sendmail without a '.\n' as last
line, and then sendmail waits for the '.\n' termination until timeout is
Sendmail would accept this case unless it has the OR option on. But seems that
turning this off could open a security hole ...

Solution: I heard somewhere that we can force emacs to put a '\n' in the end
of a file. I'll work around this.
Another suggestion was to make the transition to sendmail 8.6.4.

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Oops, sorry I missed the original post :-(

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