SUMMARY: problem with installing mail

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1993 - 00:57:24 CST

Hello and thanks for a lot of responses.
Most of you suggest that i must mount /var/mail but that
wasn't my problem. I've got an wrong alias in my aliases nismap
and the MAIL environment variable wasn't proberly set. That's all.
Sorry for that silly question. But my second problem with enabling
a dial in/out port on /dev/cua/a isn't solved. I will summarize later

Thanks again and here are my original question:

> Hello.
> I've upgraded a sparc 2 to solaris2.2. Now i want to enable dial in via modem
> on the serial line a. I've read the manual and followed the steps described.
> After that i've tested it but i don't receive a login prompt. The only message
> i received was CONNECT 9600 which came from the modem. Now my question is if
> there anybody who has successfully enabled dial in under solaris2.2 and could
> give me any clues?
> On the system there are no patches applied.
> Thanks in advance


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