SUMMARY: packet from unknow router.

From: Malcolm C. Strickland (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1993 - 13:28:54 CDT

Barry Margolin was the first to hit the nail on the head:

In article <> you write:
> I can ping that number, and find it in my domain name server. and do a
> reverse address lookup to the address. what else does the system mean
> by unknown router.

An unknown router is one that isn't on the same subnet as the local machine
and isn't in /etc/gateways. You can get that message if you are running
multiple subnets on a single cable and sending RIP broadcasts to the address (instead of <net>.<subnet>.255); we noticed it when
we configured a "secondary address" on our cisco router.

You can suppress the complaints by adding an entry for the router to
/etc/gateways and restarting in.routed.


this exactly the situation and the fix works.

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