Summary: Printing to HP via NeWSprint hangs system

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Mon Dec 16 1991 - 18:21:06 CST

I recently reported a problem with a NeWSprint/HP/parallel setup
wherein the system would hang after printing a job. I received
several helpful replies, for example:

Allen Witt writes:
>I had the same problem when I set up a SPARCprinter. The job would
>print, hang the system, reprint on reboot, hang again. Turned out
>that I hadn't remade the kernel after installing the sparcprinter
>software which includes a patch. Doing this cured the problem. Took
>me three days of RTFMing, reading saved summaries from sun managers,
>experimenting, etc to realise I hadn't followed the setup instructions
>to the letter.
> Allen Witt email

I could have sworn the docs said the kernel patch was only required
for SPARCprinters, but it might have been all parallelly-connected
printers. Anyway, I didn't install NeWSprint on the system, our
integrator did.

Fixing the kernel did indeed fix the hanging problem. Stay turned for
further details on another problem we're having now.

Thanks again to all who replied.

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